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All too often companies have only the vaguest idea about what kind of data they’re holding; because such data is very often hidden deeply away in a variety of databases and fragmented across different departments. We identify this data and bring it to light, making it visible, cohesive, comparable and easy to understand so that it really does support YOU in making the right decisions. And if need be, we can also identify any lacking data and define a concept to fill in the gap.

Our Services

In-House Data Our proprietary data engines simplify complex analytics and provide real-time data and measurable outcomes which enable you to make better, more informed decisions. Outsource your analytics to us as your strategic partner and see how we can improve your operations and cut your expenses.
New Data How are your company and your products shaping up in your target markets? How well do you understand your interactions with your customers? Our new data tools help you give a clear answer to these tricky questions.
Open Data The future of data is open – and we are eager and proud to play our part in designing and shaping India’s emerging open data culture. We provide existing data in an easy and ready to use format, and we collect environmental data with our own open source hardware and translate it into meaningful visualizations and infographics.

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Developing a Recommendation Engine using Hybrid Approach

Developing a Recommendation Engine using Hybrid Approach

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Case Studies | No Comments

  Client: A cloud-based interactive smart video platform that delivers personalized interactive videos on-demand to consumers. Objective Business: Increase time spent on site, number of videos watched, and repeat visits. The Engine: Devise an engine that offers relevant recommendation dynamically and in real-time. The Need Real-time recommendations need to be self-learning and based on massive amounts […]

MaxDiff modelling for product feature optimization

MaxDiff modelling for product feature optimization

Objective To understand which product features or applications are most important to a particular market. Approach An online quantitative survey was conducted that included a MaxDiff exercise in which 40 different product features were evaluated on what is best and worst among 15 sets with 4 features in each set. MaxDiff modelling was used over […]

TURF to maximize messaging reach

TURF to maximize messaging reach

Objective To understand the message bundle that makes up the most motivating brand story, differentiating from competition, and thereby capturing the largest portion of the market possible. Approach Message importance was derived from the MaxDiff design. The number of messages included in the design was 40. Message Bundle Evaluation was conducted by a physician/MD ‘carries […]

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