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All too often companies have only the vaguest idea about what kind of data they’re holding; because such data is very often hidden deeply away in a variety of databases and fragmented across different departments. We identify this data and bring it to light, making it visible, cohesive, comparable and easy to understand so that it really does support YOU in making the right decisions. And if need be, we can also identify any lacking data and define a concept to fill in the gap.

TURF to maximize messaging reach

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017 in Case Studies | No Comments



To understand the message bundle that makes up the most motivating brand story, differentiating from competition, and thereby capturing the largest portion of the market possible.


Message importance was derived from the MaxDiff design. The number of messages included in the design was 40.

Message Bundle Evaluation was conducted by a physician/MD ‘carries forward’ their own prioritized set of messages through a conjoint exercise. Respondents were exposed to a series of experimentally derived bundles of messages.
They repeatedly selected their ‘preferred’ bundle from the set of alternatives shown to them. Based on which, it was determined which one was most motivating and which was most differentiated.


Best bundles: Derived the best 2/3/4/5 message bundles and the incremental reach of each additional bundle.

Venugopala Rao Manneni

A doctor in statistics from Osmania University. I have been working in the fields of data analysis and research for the last 14 years. My expertise is in data mining and machine learning – in these fields I’ve also published papers. I love to play cricket and badminton.

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