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Streamline product launch strategy and monitor launch effectiveness

Posted by on Nov 5, 2015 in Case Studies | No Comments

Client: A pharma major
Time: July 2014 – December 2015



The purpose of the study was to understand how physicians perceive and use diabetes therapies. The outcome should help the client to successfully launch a new product.


This study is a quantitative online survey in two stages – pre and post launch. Starting in July 2014, it’s been repeated every three months, with a measurable sample across five markets in EU,United States and Japan. Target groups are endocrinologists and primary care physicians.

The main focus was to identify the readiness of physicians to prescribe client’s product relative to competitive products on the market. The study is conducted across six patient segments (based on insulin usage and type of diabetes) with a focus on a set of key performance indicators (unaided and aided brand awareness, intention to prescribe, brand performance on key factors) and key scientific points describing diabetes related attributes.


Taking various sources of information – such as company scientific representatives, local conferences and published articles – we could measure a significant increase in unaided and aided brand recall and willingness to prescribe the client product.

And we’ve also been able to figure out from where the new product is drawing its users which is either from the competition or its own portfolio products.

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The ‘launch’ action standards for each of the key performance indicators were met in United States, France, Japan. Hence, the product was launched in these three markets.

A post-launch survey was conducted after three months of product launch. This second study was only among those physicians who tended to prescribe the client’s product (based on findings of the pre-launch survey).

Improving the product is an ongoing effort; as a continuous ‘post use’ feedback system,the post-launch findings will help the client’s R&D department fulfill unmet needs in the other markets.

Sravika Pratapa

A postgraduate in Statistics from Osmania University. I have 8+ years of hands-on experience in Market Research. I have strong skills in team building and communication. When not in the shoes of a professional, I am a passionate dancer.

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