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Developing a Recommendation Engine using Hybrid Approach

Posted by on Aug 22, 2017 in Case Studies | No Comments



Client: A cloud-based interactive smart video platform that delivers personalized interactive videos on-demand to consumers.


Business: Increase time spent on site, number of videos watched, and repeat visits.

The Engine: Devise an engine that offers relevant recommendation dynamically and in real-time.

The Need

Real-time recommendations need to be self-learning and based on massive amounts of data getting collected on a continuous basis.

The chosen solution had to ensure:

  • fault tolerance along with low latency
  • scalability and the effective deployment


The model was trained using the video meta data – genre, ratings, tags etc. as well as the user current viewing behaviour/history.


The solution was integrated with the client’s data stores and exposed to developers using command line interfaces and REST APIs.


Venugopala Rao Manneni

A doctor in statistics from Osmania University. I have been working in the fields of data analysis and research for the last 14 years. My expertise is in data mining and machine learning – in these fields I’ve also published papers. I love to play cricket and badminton.

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