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Co-founder, Mrutyunjay Mishra on ‘Innovation and Open Data for Environment’ at IIM-L Conference on EMCB 2017

Posted by on Jan 20, 2017 in JSMNews | No Comments

The Annual Conference of Emerging Markets Conference Board 2017, held at IIM-L Noida campus, was based on – “Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Markets”. Mrutyunjay talked about how he took up the task of developing a low-cost and scalable solution for air quality monitoring and generating open data on air quality.

It all started at MIT KumbaThon 5, Nashik, 2015 which he attended with a bunch of open-source sensors and IoT boards inviting participants to build a prototype. This marked the beginning of the Open Environment Data Project (OEDP) – a project aimed at creating an easy-to-deploy and scalable solution for air quality monitoring and essentially, generate data which could be shared with the world as open data.

OEDP has grown manifold since then and even led to the incubation of a startup named Oizom which builds a range of low-cost air quality monitoring devices today and has featured their work internationally.

Here is a glimpse of Mrutyunjay’s talk at the event:

The story holds great significance to us, as it was a JSM initiative. Looking at the success of the project, Mrutyunjay formed the India Open Data Association (IODA) a platform which creates, incubates, promotes, and supports sustainable projects that solve a real-world problem and generate open data. The work on completing the cycle of “Data > Knowledge > Action” is in progress and there is a lot coming through in the near future.

Albert Legori

A Visual Communication graduate from St Joseph's College (Bangalore), Albert revels in writing, designing, and holding varied conversations. As Communications Manager at JSM, he handles internal and external communication.

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