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Awareness Trial Usage (ATU) Study

Posted by on Nov 18, 2015 in Case Studies | No Comments

Client : A pharma major
Time :   April 2015


The client had initiated a disease awareness campaign designed to increase dialog in the medical community regarding the needs of patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis (PDP). The objective was to generate goodwill in the community and consequently nurture a positive disposition towards the brand. Since PDP is a comorbidity of Parkinson’s disease, an increase of the awareness for the ailment should most likely translate into an increase of the usage of the client’s drug.

To measure the impact of the client’s marketing efforts a survey was set up to provide answers to the following questions:

– What level of exposure do physicians have to PDP awareness efforts?
– How have levels of awareness and knowledge about PDP and treatment options changed over time?
– How have physicians’ attitudes to PDP changed over time?
– What product attributes are the most important for physicians involved in PDP treatment, and how do currently available treatments and the client’s brand perform?

The online survey is designed for multiple usages over time. So far two waves have been conducted, one more is forthcoming. The target groups are neurologists and psychiatrists in the US.

It was shown that the campaign had a markedly better impact on neurologists, and consequently the client has acted to strengthen their marketing efforts in the psychiatric field. Furthermore, the client has gained greater awareness of which information channels (medical conferences, medical journals etc.) were effectively delivering results and which weren’t. This will enable the client to make better channel planning.

Given that the key message of the campaign had very high recall, the client decided to use this opportunity to achieve higher conversion rates – in other words, to translate awareness of this ailment into prescription of the client’s brand.

Even so, despite an increase in the awareness of the client’s brand, it is still not the ‘top of mind’ brand as a leading company neither for Parkinson’s disease nor for psychosis. The next step will be to work towards this goal.


A post graduate in Statistics from Osmania University, I have worked on Data Processing and Analytics for over 10 years now. I am always passionate about learning new techniques in analytics and more.

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