All too often companies have only the vaguest idea about what kind of data they’re holding; because such data is very often hidden deeply away in a variety of databases and fragmented across different departments. We identify this data and bring it to light, making it visible, cohesive, comparable and easy to understand so that it really does support YOU in making the right decisions. And if need be, we can also identify any lacking data and define a concept to fill in the gap.
A Treasury of Kahlil Gibran

An interaction with MBA (Marketing) graduates at Christ University, Bangalore

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“A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, it takes one seven words to say it. This was the message I started the session with, when I received an opportunity to interact with outgoing MBA (Marketing) graduates at Christ University last Thursday. The session, which included a talk and a workshop, was aimed at discussing […]

The Abilene Paradox: the inability to manage agreement

The Internet: An Introduction to New Media

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The Abilene Paradox refers to the paralysis organisations, and even individuals, often fall prey to. Please read the story below in the context of ‘The Corporate World’. On a birthday, a family decided to go out for dinner. The husband asked the wife, “Where should we go?” Thinking that he liked Gujarati food, she said, […]

Co-founder, Mrutyunjay Mishra on ‘Innovation and Open Data for Environment’ at IIM-L Conference on EMCB 2017

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The Annual Conference of Emerging Markets Conference Board 2017, held at IIM-L Noida campus, was based on – “Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges in Emerging Markets”. Mrutyunjay talked about how he took up the task of developing a low-cost and scalable solution for air quality monitoring and generating open data on air […]