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An interaction with MBA (Marketing) graduates at Christ University, Bangalore

Posted by on Mar 5, 2018 in Insights, JSMNews | No Comments

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, it takes one seven words to say it.

This was the message I started the session with, when I received an opportunity to interact with outgoing MBA (Marketing) graduates at Christ University last Thursday. The session, which included a talk and a workshop, was aimed at discussing and understanding the “Importance of Content and Communications Strategy in Digital Marketing Campaigns.”

The classroom was abuzz with over 60 students as I started my talk. It was crucial to convey the importance of content in marketing (especially, digital marketing) as content along with context largely determine the success of a campaign. A great idea alone, packaged in modern artwork, does not suffice. Marketing, like several other fields of work, require efficient communicators who are skilled to build the right content and context around the creative idea of a campaign. The market does not need only Campaign Programmers/Managers who are driven by metrics and techniques.

A digital marketing campaign cannot be built like a straight line, merely targeted at joining two points. It has to be built like a circle, ensuring that the circle of action and feedback is ever-evolving, making it immortal (for the lack of a better word).

As suggestions, I told them a principle and a checklist I always follow while executing every task in my career until now, whether it is writing a document or preparing content for social media.

Remembering this basic model along with the two terms can prove extremely beneficial as all marketing campaigns can be decoded using these. Getting these right serves as the foundation on which other elements of the campaign can be built. This step works in sync with another step – the checklist (illustrated in the image below).

These were some of the very basic elements/aspects that formulate a campaign. Each of them could have various layers of complications in it. However, as long as the foundation is strong, there is nothing to panic about.

The last topic I touched upon was the importance of perceiving the audience as “active” consumers of content than just “passive” consumers; best illustrated by the Uses and Gratifications Theory. Even after decades, the theory holds immense relevance in today’s spectrum of Communications.

With the talk and a discussion completed, it was time to indulge the students in a workshop. They were divided into groups and given different briefs based on which they had to build the strategy for a Digital Marketing campaign. They had to divide responsibilities amongst themselves, develop ideas for the content, and build an execution plan (enlisting action areas, the responsible team member, and deadline). Here is an example of the work they did together:

Bidding adieu for the day, I felt privileged for the opportunity to share my thoughts and satisfied for what I got to learn from the upcoming Marketing professionals. A special thanks to Deepa Mallesh for thinking of me and Prof. Vasudevan M who helped throughout the day making me feel at absolute ease.

You can view the presentation here.

Albert Legori

A Visual Communication graduate from St Joseph's College (Bangalore), Albert revels in writing, designing, and holding varied conversations. As Communications Manager at JSM, he handles internal and external communication.

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